Build an instantly updating dynamic website with jquery ajax

02-Oct-2017 03:29

I have been posting tutorials from basic to advance levels.But recently when interacting with some my blog followers (still beginners) I found that they still have trouble doing basic stuff like connecting their php scripts with database.But it didn't work :( :( I am also new to jquery and I am stucked with the multiple lines I am using this code in the file: while($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) echo json_encode($table_data); ---- and the closest thing I managed to get was only one result displayed in the "client.php".If I check the "api.php" in the browser it displays the following: [,,,,,,,,] Hi very nice write up!The focus at Pusher, for example, is to let you concentrate on building your real-time Web applications by offering a hosted API which makes it quick and easy to add scalable real-time functionality to Web and mobile apps.In this tutorial, I’ll show how to convert a basic blog commenting system into a real-time engaging experience where you’ll see a comment made in one browser window “magically” appear in a second window.Download source files: ajax01gz If you don't see anything check that you have javascript enabled in your browser. I tried getting the total number of rows using mysql_fetch_row() and run a for loop till all the rows are printed.But I couldn't get the row-results and number of rows from the success:function(). this what i have tried to just print a single row of the table.

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Shout out to Mike Rundle who shared the CSS for those buttons the other day on Twitter as I was working on this and I stole it. This is the plan in plain English: Not much to it really.You can download this mini project for free and customize it as per your needs and creativity.This article is an update to this old article, which had an ugly demo and a variety of techniques in it no longer probably considered good practices.j Query is a fast, lightweight, open source Java Script library designed to simplify manipulating HTML pages and Ajax interactions.

When used together, they form a powerful foundation for rapidly developing usable Web sites and applications.

It's only 41 lines with some blanks in there for readability.

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