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20-Aug-2017 17:45

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The 2 digits used to identify the week a tire was manufactured immediately preceded a single digit used to identify the year.Example of a tire manufactured before 2000 with the earlier Tire Identification Number format: While the previous Tire Identification Number format identified that a tire was built in the 8th year of a decade, there was no universal identifier that confirmed which decade (tires produced in the 1990s may have a small triangle following the Tire Identification Number to identify the decade). Most tire manufacturer's warranties cover their tires for four years from the date of purchase or five years from the week the tires were manufactured.

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The 'DOT' should be followed by a series of four letters and/or numbers.

This means if you purchase new tires today, and the DOT Date Code was a year ago, your warranty still begins on the purchase date, not the manufacture date of the tire.

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